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Thursday Tips is back! Today I have 10 tips to help you look your best for your engagement session.

1. Wear makeup. Even if you aren’t a person that normally wears makeup, a little foundation can help even out your complexion and help you look your best. Matt makeup will help prevent shine, mascara can help draw attention to your eyes, and a little blush and/bronzer can help add a beautiful glow. You may even want to schedule professional makeup application with your favorite stylist. She can help you create the perfect look for your session. The best part about makeup is that it often helps boost your confidence. When you feel good about yourself, you feel confident, and nothing is sexier than a little bit of confidence during your engagement session.

2. Blue jeans are a really popular choice for sessions. They are comfortable, stylish and there’s a cut, length and style that is right for almost any shape. If you are wearing blue jeans for your session, try to choose an even dark wash over a weathered, torn and faded one. This is more sliming and flattering.

picture of an engagement

3. Choose clothes that fit well and are tailored to your shape. Clothes that are too big and baggy will make you look bigger than you are. Clothes that are too tight, have a similar effect. Choose clothes that are comfortable and fit right. It will help you look your best and feel your best. If you are worried about the fact that your jeans don’t fit right or that your shirt is too tight, you won’t be able to relax and focus on your fiance and making awesome pictures. Tailored clothing will help flatter your shape. Square, boxy tops, like a polo, tend to make you look flat and boxy as well. So choose something with a better fit.

4. Watch your hemline. Where your hemline hits is important on both your shirts and skirts. Mini skits are fun, but can be very difficult to pose in gracefully (to put it mildly). Your shirt hem should come to the middle of your hip or lower. It should not end directly at the top of your jeans. By moving the hemline down you slim your hips and accentuate curve of your waist.

Engagement portrait

5. Don’t go sleeveless. Muscle tone and definition in your arms doesn’t usually record very well on camera. So unless you are supremely confident that your arms are great, I would recommend you choose a top with sleeves. Short sleeves, long sleeves, cap sleeves or any other variation. Just avoid a sleeveless shirt. These often add width to your shoulders and make you look bigger then you really are. Tank tops can work, but be conscientious of bra straps showing. One of my personal favorite looks involves a tank top and layers. I love layers. They add a lot of texture and interest to your pictures.

6. Have a manicure before your session. We will be taking picture that incorporate your hands and show off your engagement ring! So you may want to baby your hands a little before your session. Make sure if you wear polish that it is chip-free. Keep your cuticles well moisturized, we want all the focus to be on how beautiful your ring is.

picture of a couples engagement ring

7. Make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free. Wrinkles will not photo-shop out. Hang up the clothes that you plan to wear for your session and make sure they are wrinkle free the day before so you have time to fluff, steam or iron if necessary.

8. Try to choose coordinating outfits, not matching outfits. What is the difference you ask? Instead of both of you wearing matching button down shirts, choose clothes that compliment each other, but aren’t the same. For example see the picture of Josselyn & Parker below. I’m not saying you need to go out and dress like these two, but they have an awesome style and they coordinate perfectly. Parker is wearing black shoes which match the black in Josselyn’s top. They both also have a little bit of blue on , but in different shades. Their outfits compliment each other and look good together without being the same thing. ( A little note on matching: if you want a picture together in matching K-State, KU, Fort Hays Tiger T-shirts, como, etc. we will definitely do it.  I don’t want to discourage you from showing off your Alma Mata or favorite sports team in your pictures. This could be one of 2-3 outfits that you bring along.)

Engagement picture in the chestnut street district

9. Accessorize your outfit! Accessories can add a punch of color and life to your engagement pictures. Fun scarves, necklaces, shoes, headbands or clips will add personality, style and polish to your session. Layers are one of my favorite things in photographed. Vests, scarves, jackets, cardigans and belts can all be awesome ways to top off an outfit and add variety and style to your session.

10. Finally, remember this is your session. Choose clothes you love. The tips I’ve listed here are suggestions for your engagement session. They do help you to look your best. They are not hard and fast rules. If you want to wear matching, sleeveless Cabellas T-shirts then do it! I want your pictures to be all about you, and your personality and lifestyle. If you are wearing something you love then your confidence will show through, and as I mentioned before confidence is hot! So, wear what you love. The most important part is that you are together with your honey and one step closer to your wedding day!

I hope you find these tips helpful! Is there anything specific you would like to see on Thursday Tips? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Also, if you have the time, check out these other fantastic blogs with more great Thursday Tips: Every Last Detail, Bow Ties & Bliss, Love, Milk and Honey, Little Bit Heart, The Oceanside Bride, Soundtrack to I Do, Shay Cochrane Photography, Catie Ronquillo Photography.



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